Wednesday, February 4, 2009

kids' artist swap

Ok y'all, I LOVE this idea! I wish my own children (canines Dixie and Phineas) could participate!
I got this from fellow blogger WiseCraft and it's fabulous...
She and a friend created an artist trading card swap for kids and her blog entry is posted below:
To see original post, click here!

What exactly is an Artist Trading Card, you ask? Here's a little bit of history and information on how they are done, materials used, etc. There are Flickr groups devoted to these your kids might get inspiration from.

The rules are simple to create these tiny little works of art:

- If you are interested in this swap, please send a message to by this Friday, 2/6. Let us know your address, your child's name and age.

- This is exclusively a child project (no adult ATC's please), for that reason, we are specifying that participating children be ages 4 and up.

- We will group everyone into groups of 6, meaning your child will make 5 cards to mail out.

- Artist trading cards are the perfect size to fit into a standard envelope, so to keep it simple, the participants are not obligated beyond mailing the actual card out to its recipient (plus any information about the card they'd like to add).

- Finished cards should be mailed out to their recipients no later than 2/28.

Sign up now and we will notify the participants on Monday, 2/9 of their group and more details. A big thanks to Erin and Jenny, who really planted the seed for this whole idea.

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