Wednesday, October 29, 2008

garden update

Ok, some of you early (and oh so loyal) readers may remember my attempt at basil and rosemary this summer... and my claim to a deadly black thumb.

I have BIG, and I mean truly HUMONGOUS, news. I succeeded wildly this year. Maybe it was all the good vibes from y'all, but my basil was like super-enormous mutant ninja basil. At its highest, it stood about 5 feet tall. Booyah!

check out the earlier post here for a photo right after I'd planted... oh yeah... it wasn't a total success. The blueberry bush committed suicide about 4 days into the dirt. Sigh. I guess I can't have everything.

Friday, October 17, 2008

should go without saying...

Please, no writing/coloring
on the furniture
or on the walls, the floors, or any place except the designated orange chalkboard area.
If you must use markers and crayons, please just ask us for some paper; I promise we'll give you some.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

twenty questions

We would love to hear from you!

Muddy's has been in business for 7 months now and we'd like to take the opportunity to survey our customers to see how we're doing and ask for y'all's ideas.

Please visit this link to take our twenty question anonymous survey. It really helps us out to know what y'all are thinking, wishing for, etc. Some of our best ideas so far have been customer inspired, so please speak up and tell us what you want!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanksgiving menu

It's getting to be that time!
"What time?" you may ask...
"Time to start planning for Thanksgiving!" I answer.

The following menu items are the only items available for special order pick-up on Tuesday November 25th and Wednesday November 26th. By having a limited menu for the holiday madness, we'll be able to accommodate more of your orders and fewer of you will have to hear the words, "I'm so sorry, we're booked".
That said, please be sure to get your order in as soon as you know what you want, as we will have to cap the orders at capacity.

Prozac... $30 chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing
Mopsy... $35 carrot cake seasoned with ginger and cream cheese icing
Here Comes Trouble... $35 vanilla cake with caramel icing

prozac... $18 dozen chocolate cake with chocolate icing
plain jane...$18 dozen vanilla cake with vanilla icing
capote... $18 dozen chocolate cake with vanilla icing
classic... $18 dozen vanilla cake with chocolate icing
pucker up... $18 dozen lemon cake with lemon icing
mopsy... $18 dozen ginger-carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Cookies and Bars

chocolate chip cookies... $6 dozen
peanut butter cookies... $6 dozen
oatmeal raisin cookies... $6 dozen
toffee bars... $7.20 dozen
classic brownies... $12 dozen

sweet patootie pie... $20 sweet potatoes and spices
punkin' pie... $20 pumpkin and spices
shady wake... $22 Southern pecan
johnny appleseed... $25 double-crust apple pie
cocoa chanel... $20 chocolate chess

wheat germ muffins... $12 a dozen
pear pecan muffins... $12 a dozen
banana blitzkrieg bread... $12 for 8 inch loaf

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

squeaky clean

We just switched our janitorial service and WOW, these people are fantastic!!!
They do lots of restaurants, doctors' offices, and other commercial spaces, but they also do homes. I highly recommend them!
Delia Bennett is the owner and her number is 216-7380.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

happy chickens and happy cows

The summer contest was lots of fun and we got some great submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Y'all have voted and the crowd has spoken...

In a tie for first place are drawings from Emma Reynolds and Elizabeth Summitt.

Second runner up is Ragan Lessley.

These winners will each receive a ten dollar gift certificate to Muddy's.

Yay for happy chickens and happy cows!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

get baked

Anyone who knows me knows that I read cookbooks like they're novels and my collection of cookbooks easily rivals my collection of real books, which is saying something. Jane Austen and Julia Child have equal reverence on my shelves.

That said, my new obsession is the debut cookbook from the Brooklyn bakery, Baked. Kudos to this dynamic duo, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. The book itself is exquisite in design and my new copy is already riddled with dog-ears and post-its marking my next-in-line recipes to try out.

Tonight, on my night off from the shop no less, I just HAD to try out the banana espresso chocolate chip muffins. Heaven!!! I won't tell you how many I ate, just that I consumed 3 glasses of milk while eating them...

Click here to get the Baked cookbook; it really is so beautiful, the goodies so well photographed, and the recipes so delicious that it would make a fantastic gift for any kitchen denizen.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dog cookies

Arf! Arf! Yip! Yip!
Ok, a lot of you have requested dog treats and Thomas has been hounding (pun intended) me to make them after visiting several out of town bakeries that offer them.

I made my first experimental batch this week and in all honesty, I think they're only okay. They are a bit flour-y and while Phineas and Dixie, my babies, happily crunched on them, they were a little suspicious at first.

These were flavored with chicken broth and gravy, but there's a peanut butter recipe that looks tasty so I think that will be the next experiment. I'll keep you posted and let you know when they arrive in the shop!

Phineas, post-snack ---->