Monday, February 9, 2009

in the case this week (feb 10-12)

This week we'll have this menu for Tuesday-Thursday, then some special Valentine's Day (and anti-Valentine's Day) flavors for Friday and Saturday, so check back for that menu!

Cookies and Things:
toffee bars
chocolate chip
peanut butter
honey rosemary cookies
oatmeal cranberry cookies
molasses cookies
espresso brownies

plain jane
pucker up
strawberry fields forever
pink lady
chocolate decadence
frankly scarlett
cookies n' cream
mocha madness
cocoa banana

banana puddin'
oreo puddin'
pimiento cheese

As usual, our cakes and pies by the slice are chef's choice!
I do know that we're starting the week with carrot cake and apple pie. Wink!


Bianca said...

When you have the experimental vegan cupcakes, will they be listed in the weekly posting? I'd like to drive out and try one, but I didn't want to drive out unless I knew they were there.

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

I'll try to remember to modify the post if we do the vegan ones. I've been posting on twitter when I make them and we've actually had them for the last few Saturday afternoons. I'm going to try to have them every Saturday, but best to call first to make sure. Yay!

Bianca said...

Oh cool! I'll be in Nashville this Saturday for V-Day...but I'll keep that in mind and check in on Saturdays. I LOVE VEGAN CUPCAKES! And all your cuppies are so beautiful!