Friday, February 13, 2009

in the case (feb 13-14)

Cookies and Things:
toffee bars
chocolate chip
peanut butter
honey rosemary cookies
sugar cookies
espresso brownies

Plain Jane
Frankly Scarlett
Strawberry Fields Forever
True Love: chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing
Love Potion: raspberry cupcake with white chocolate icing
Muchas Smuchas: chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and Hershey kiss
Woman Scorned: chocolate cupcake with vanilla-rosewater icing and black icing rose
Bitter with Baggage: chocolate cupcake with bittersweet chocolate icing and raspberry drizzle
Ashes of Old Flames: chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate icing and skull on top

Other Things
cake by the slice
pie by the slice
conversation heart cakes


smtmichelle said...

Woman Scorned was awesome! We love muddys and swing by every time we have a girls night out!

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

thanks hun!!!!