Monday, June 2, 2008

Washington, DC

I spent Memorial Day weekend in DC for a friend's wedding and after the festivities, Thomas and I got to toodle around Georgetown. The weather was perfect, the shops were great, and we discovered a couple of bakeries- yum!
We found a little cupcake place called Georgetown Cupcakes that was delish and sophisticated; definitely stop in if you're planning a trip to the capital!

Also, we found an Austrian bakery, Leopold's, that had all kinds of yummy treats.
I'm most inspired to try making macaroons like theirs- the traditional flavored ones that are little sandwich cookies. We tried peach, pistachio, raspberry, passionfruit, and of course, chocolate. Mmmmmmm!!!

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Maggie said...

OMGEEEEEEEEEE! Blog! Now I can read about your life all the time!

so exciting... :)