Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Favorite Sunday Brunch

Ok, if you haven't been to the Beauty Shop yet for brunch on Sunday, you are missing out... Big Time. One of my favorite meals is brunch, so I'm a good judge.

The mimosas are enormous (huzzah!), the atmosphere is fantastic, and the food... ah, the food. I could gorge all day on challah French toast, lemon ricotta silver dollar pancakes, fruit salad, eggy fritattas, and cheese grits.

I like to follow up my feast with a strawberry milkshake (extra strawberries for me) that is out of this world. It's smooth, creamy, and rich without the little icy crunches found in many lesser milkshakes made from (gasp!) powders.

Karen Carrier (sheer genius woman behind Beauty Shop, Do, Automatic Slim's, and Mollie Fontaine Lounge) isn't paying me for this glowing endorsement, but if she wanted to drown me in milkshake, I wouldn't complain. :)

Beauty Shop... 966 S. Cooper... Memphis, TN 38104

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