Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my foray into the world of botany

Confession: I have a notoriously black thumb. I am the accidental culprit behind many a plant's untimely demise. You could call me (if you're a Law and Order fan)... The Perp.

Despite this, each year, I try again. Each year, I venture into Dan West and choose my victims. It's a bit depressing actually to know that they huddle together in fear... they know the Black Thumb Cometh.

This is so sad because for years I've fantasized about being a green thumb... coaxing little shoots through the soil, tenderly caring for the green leaves and fragrant blossoms while birds chirp a song at my shoulder and little woodland critters comically frolic at my feet. Each year I am determined to shake off this curse that must have been placed upon my head by some irritated fairy godmother (my parents swear they didn't offend one, but who knows).

However, This Is My Year! I know it! I WILL nurture these plants and they WILL grow and flourish under my care.

These are my babies and I'm so excited because I know that this is the magic year. I've planted arp rosemary (a hardy strain of a hardy plant, just in case), columnar basil, and even... a blueberry bush. I treated the soil with a little concoction for acid-loving plants (the blueberry) and followed the directions to a tee. I glowed (profusely) in the dirt beds making sure they were free of weeds and tilling the soil. I am following the watering guidelines carefully.
In other words, Really Trying.

Here's what I'm asking:
1. Clap if you believe I can do this... actually, just cross your fingers for me and send some really good vibes my direction!
2. If you have a green thumb and have some good advice for me, please comment below!

Wish me luck!!!

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Keen said...

good luck with the growing! I started with a few herbs last year(including rosemary which IS very hardy and hopefully will be for you). I don't really have any tips as I'm just getting into my second year and starting to try squash and tomatoes. You may already know this, but basil is an annual in the Memphis area, so do not be alarmed when it dies in the fall. It will not be b/c of your "black thumb." If it makes it that long, you done good.