Saturday, September 20, 2008

St. Louis bakery bonanza part deux

Ok, let's continue our magical mystery tour of St. Louis bakeries...

Dad's Cookie Company
Dad's is a family-run bakery and has been ever since it opened in 1938. I'm totally envious of the cool architecture and the mosaic tile floor, although not such a huge fan of the dank darkness. The place seems a little musty and the lady behind the counter wasn't exactly a bundle of sunshine, buuuuut then I tasted the cookies.
These are an old-fashioned, crunchy cross between Scotch shortbread and those decadently delicious Swedish butter cookies you get in the blue tin. We tried the coconut stars, Scotch oatmeal (delicious crumbled over Hagen Daaz vanilla bean ice cream, by the way) and caramel-dark chocolate popcorn. Mandy raves about the popcorn and Thomas' favorite was the coconut stars.

Jilly's Cupcake Bar
Whoa, Nelly. This place is INTENSE. I was frankly intimidated and awed by the enormous cupcakes all over the place. These are cupcakes that 3 small children could easily split at $4.25 a pop. Don't let the price put you off though; seriously, the cupcakes are almost as big as a slice of cake and in my professional opinion, quite appropriately priced.
We tried the bee sting (honey and lemon), s'murtle (like a s'more crossed with a turtle), and a carmelita (lots of caramel and chocolate). My favorite was the bee sting; the s'murtle and the carmelita were just too rich for my blood (especially after the amount of sugar I'd already consumed!).
The service was friendly and the place was really cute and super-trendy. This was Mandy's favorite place on the tour.

Part three... coming soon!

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