Friday, September 26, 2008

St. Louis bakery bonanza: the final installment

Ok, wrapping up our mega-bakery tour of St. Louis...

Hartford Coffee and Bakery
We found this little place completely by accident after leaving the last lacrosse game of the tournament (in which our menfolk, Thomas and Whit, fought valiantly) while we were making a U-turn to get back to the hotel.
This little place was CHARMING! I love corner spaces and this was in the corner space of an old building smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood- super-high ceilings, old wooden floors... loved it.

The girl behind the counter couldn't have been any nicer. We got iced lattes, a pumpkin mini-bundt cake, a turtle cookie, and dog treats to take home to the pups. I loved the turtle cookie the best but the pumpkin bundt was delicious as well.

The Cupcakery
...aka the super adorable tiny shop in the totally hip Maryland Plaza. This was one of my favorites. The cupcakes were simply presented and yummy. They didn't rely on gimmick-y toppings or super-complicated flavor combinations; these were just good, old-fashioned delicious cupcakes.
When I called Saturday afternoon to ask about hours, the girl who answered the phone was cheerful, helpful, and super-polite (I'm a sucker for good phone manners) and when Thomas and I went to the shop that evening they were all upbeat and happy to answer my questions. Every customer left there with a smile on their face and licking their lips.
Thomas and I indulged and got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and a lemon cupcake (my two favorites of my own shop) as well as a cakewich and an unbelievably delicious ENORMOUS oatmeal cookie and icing sandwich... like an A-List Little Debbie on steroids.
The Cupcakery is trendy, yes, but also completely un-pretentious. I highly recommend stopping in if you're ever in the St. Louis area!
Also, one of the owners, Erika Robertson Frank, is apparently from Memphis! Yay Erika!

Thank you for joining me on the virtual tour, please put your seats and trays in their upright positions...
See you next time!

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