Tuesday, March 31, 2009

big bad breakfast

OMG. Mom and I went to visit Preston in Oxford and we had the bestest breakfast! My friend Charley recommended this place called Big Bad Breakfast, which is owned by the same people as City Grocery and Boure.

BBB was super-crowded so we put our names on the list and headed over to the neighboring antique/junk shop to kill some time, which was a pleasure in itself.
I got the Secret History omelet, which was HUGE and fluffy, filled with tomatoes, herbs, shallots, and swiss cheese. I chose the grits and biscuits to accompany it and added a side of fruit.

BBB uses as many local ingredients as possible: dairy products from Billy Ray's Farm in Yocona, Mississippi State cheese, all the bacon and sausage is smoked on premesis, orange juice is squeezed each morning, the preserves are made fresh each day, and the herbs come from the chef's organic garden.
In the words of Joey Lawrence, "whoa!"

I highly recommend Big Bad Breakfast for whenever y'all head to Oxford!
Check out the menu here.

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mary-kathryn said...

that was my breakfast on Saturday! i was full ( and happy!) all day!!