Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help Wanted!

I am seeking help in the bakery for the following times:
(note, these are not the shifts, merely the hours I need people, so if you want to apply for part of the time on a particular day, that's cool) I'm hiring for both customer service positions as well as baking positions.

Tuesdays: 8pm-midnight (baking)
Wednesdays: 2pm-midnight (customer service and baking)
Thursdays: 2pm-2am (customer service and baking)
Fridays: 8am until 3am (customer service and baking)
Saturdays: 5pm-midnight (customer service)

If you think any of the following are totally awesome, please apply for a job at Muddy's!
a) being covered in flour and chocolate
b) getting to know some really cool customers
c) helping people get their daily sugar high
d) squeezing icing out of a tube into adorable swirls of buttercream goodness

For an application, email me at



LeslieJerkins said...

Kat you need to see if theyll add you to the sidebar on this blog:

Lists cupcake shops in various US cities.

GreenEyedLillies said...

I just saw this and sent you an email! ;)

Dazy said...

I am glad to know that you kept options for people to get engaged. People for CS should be cool headed and smiling - baking needs technical knowledge.