Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok, so first post... Huzzah!

We've survived our first two months in business and it has been a WILD time. Firstly, a humongous THANK YOU to all our awesome customers who have been SO supportive and encouraging. It's super-scary to start a business and not know what kind of reception you'll get from people and I'm tickled pink to say that y'all have given us a fantastic welcome.

Now, a word (actually 162 words) about the blog... the main purpose of this blog is to have a good vehicle for feedback from our favorite people (aka our customers). I know that no matter how much you like us, there will always be things that need improvement. things we can be doing better, and new things that maybe none of us have even dreamed up. We want to hear all about it!

The secondary purpose is to give everyone a sort of inside peek at the shop. If you've been in our shop, you know we're big fans of having everything out in the open, so it seemed natural to have a blog to air all the news and goings-on.

We'll have posts from various members of the Muddy's gang that will really cover a number of topics from baking to shop news to personal news to things we think are just really awesome; it's sort of a supplement to our newsletter.

So, that said, I guess we have lift-off!!!


Thomas said...

I'm excited that Muddy's has a blog! Obviously I am biased (I have a sandwich named after me), but I think Muddy's is the best place to get sweets in town.

I recommend the Buttermilk Pie, the Forty Carrots Cake, the Capote Cupcake, and the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!

Greg said...

We stumbled across you guys what must've been right after you opened but you were already closed (it was late in the day)... we came again a few weeks later because we were in the area and *always* looking for something yummy and found you guys open and we were really, really, REALLY impressed.

I worked for myself for 7 years and it's no cake-walk (pun intended) but it definitely gets easier with time as you learn to estimate better and plan better. Here's to hoping you're around for many more years!

Anonymous said...

the cupcakes are to DIE for!!!!!!!!!! im an addict!

MSM said...

If you'd had this blog earlier, I'd have commented instead of blogging about you myself!

I LOVE your shop; I got MUDDY'S for Mother's Day because I talked about it so much!